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An internship is a certified program that is delivered by prospective employers to an employee in an organization. The contemporary concept of the internship has emerged ever since time immemorial. It is an excellent opportunity for the laborers to hone their skills through hands-on activities. The apprentices are supposed to work for a certain period.

You can choose either part-time or full time at a firm for a particular duration. Usually, an intern is indulged in their tasks for more than one year. Today, an internship is a popular trend amongst graduate and undergraduate students. This would help them to gain a greater degree of knowledge and upgrade existing skills.

What are the major differences between a paid and unpaid internship?

The majority of the internships are unpaid. This is primarily meant to enhance the knowledge and experience instead of earning monthly income. Internships are focused on on-the-job training while some research internships are popular in scientific segments. Students are required to evaluate a certain subject on behalf of a firm before presenting the outcome.

How to locate a suitable internship program?

The initial step involved in tracking an internship is to find out what you require. For instance, a college fresher might be inclined towards discovering a range of internships that is useful to select their career. On the other hand, seniors will be focusing on acquiring comprehensive work experience and explore available opportunities soon after completing their graduation.

Tracking a suitable internship program is a challenging and time-consuming process. It is quite similar to that of hunting for a job. Countless websites are helpful for you to locate an internship that caters to your needs and expectations. Some of the reliable sources to find an internship are mentioned below:

  • LinkedIn:-

It is one of the best platforms that let users find a suitable internship program

  • Indeed:-

Apart from jobs, Indeed.com is ideal for the ones who are searching for internships. This would help you save various internship listings and search results on the webpage. Instant alerts are sent via mail.


Internships are available across various segments including health care programs, digital marketing degrees, paralegal certification programs, and similar career streams.